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We are Walker Creative, a digital video production company who like to do things differently! Passion is what drives us and it goes into every production.

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Watch below to see a few of our latest pieces.


Critical Records

What we produced: A 2 minute after-movie of the label's huge 15 year celebratory event at Electric Brixton in London optimised for web use and short edits created for the label's social media channels

A 1:45 after-movie of the Warehouse Project event optimised for web use and an edit under 60 seconds optimised for the label's social media channels.

A 2 minute after-movie of the Boomtown takeover optimised for web use and an edit under 60 seconds optimised for the label's social media channels. 

Services used: Cinematic video production, sound recording and sound design.

Project highlights: The Boomtown after-movie was a huge success gaining over 60K views online and giving the label huge exposure. 

What they say: "Walker Creative always manage to capture the essence of our label events and combined with a timely delivery and professionalism make them a pleasure to work with." Kasra - label founder




What we produced:  2016 - A 4 minute after-movie optimised for web use. 3 mini 30 second edits for the festival's social media channels, which were released during the weekend. 2015 - A 3 minute after-movie optimised for web use.

Services we provided: Cinematic video production, timelapse/hyperlapse and sound recording/design.

Project highlights: We worked through the weekend to provide a video re-cap of each previous night's carnage for the Nozstock social media channels. This was a huge success, with the videos receiving 18k+ views over the weekend - the highest level of interaction of any of their social media content. It also saw an increase in sales for remaining day tickets. 


roni size & Full Cycle Records

What we produced: A short, fast paced and exciting edit to promote Roni's upcoming live audio visual performances. Two edits were produced, one full length and one optimised for social media use. The edits needed to fit the style and pace of Roni's music as well as meet a very tight deadline both of which were successfully achieved.

Live event - A short edit of Roni's performance at the d&b awards, alongside behind the scenes shots of the awards ceremony and artist room. A 2 minute after-movie of the album launch event in Bristol. A 2:30 minute after-movie of the performance at Boomtown Fair. All videos were optimised for web use and had alternate condensed edits produced for social media use.

Services we provided: Cinematic video production, sound recording, sound design and editing.

Project Highlights: The album launch after-movie also included info for upcoming releases from the label at the end of the video - this acts as great online promotion.  

Outdoor & Travel 

Just Add Water: An Investigatory Cycle Expedition from Cape Town to Kampala.

Client: The Long Well Walk

What we provided: We documented a 5 month investigatory cycling expedition across Sub Saharan and East Africa. Working in collaboration with JPOC Films, we were embedded in the expedition team, journeying through eight African countries from South Africa to Uganda, capturing the journey as well as participating in the adventure ourselves. 

Services provided: 4K broadcast quality video, sound recording, photography and time-lapse.

The film is currently in post-production.


Pedal - A cycle expedition from Singapore to Mumbai

Client: Aquabox

What we provided: We documented the final leg of an 8000 mile  charity cycle expedition 'Action4Asia' from Singapore to Mumbai - following the journey from Nepal to India. 

Working alongside JPOC films, the 6 week journey saw us embedded into the expedition team, living alongside them and documenting the incredible journey.

Services provided: Cinematic video production, sound design (creating tracks for the documentary score) and animation.

The feature length documentary can be viewed here.



Glory Days - Vintage Cycle Hire

What we produced: A short and snappy promotional video optimised for web use, that communicates the key information about Glory Days and what they offer. 

Services used: Cinematic video production

Project highlights: Optimised for web use, the video is an excellent example of online video marketing content. Glory Days use the video on the landing page of their website - a great way to instantly engage your customers and bring in extra business.

What they say: "Incredibly professional and wonderfully creative. Turning our brief into a short film that really captured the story we wanted to convey, understanding our branding and achieving exactly what we wanted. We would not hesitate to recommend these guys." Will & Carol - Glory Days Founders & Owners


Brooks England x Field Cycles - Riding in The Peak District with the Brooks C13 saddle

What we produced: A short, cinematic promotional video, showing Brooks new saddle in use on one of Field Cycle's stunning frames and also featuring product shots. Shot on location in The Peak District, the video was styled to fit the image of both companies and optimised for web use.

Services used: Cinematic video production and sound design.

Project Highlights: Sound design was utilised in post production to create an original track that was tailored to perfectly fit the visuals and pace.


Taylormay Botanicals

What we provided: A series of short videos created for web use highlighting the products in their new skincare range.

Services provided: Cinematic video production.

Project Highlights: Created for web and social media use, the videos are optimised to be compatible with all social platforms. Featuring text in the videos reflects current web usage and enables them to deliver the brand's message easily and in all circumstances, including on the go mobile use, where sound may not always be available. 

What they say: "We wanted product videos that were atmospheric, beautiful and honest and what we got exceeded our expectations. We found Walker Creative to be highly professional, very creative, enthusiastic and easy to work with.  We are delighted with our videos!" - Christine Tilbury, TMB Founder


Nonnas Chesterfield - 2016/2017 cookery school

What we provided, 2017: A series of eight 30 second videos released as part of an online marketing campaign promoting the range of new courses for 2017.

2016: A short video capturing the vibe and content of Nonnas new cookery school for 2016. It was used online to promote the upcoming courses.

Services provided:  Cinematic video production and sound design.

Project Highlights: Using a series of short videos is a great strategy for online marketing. Short, sharp videos are engaging and deliver your message quickly and efficiently, whilst having a regular output raises your profile, keeps you up there and keeps putting out your message. A far more effective way of delivering information than a one off video.

What they say: “Walker Creative took great care and attention in delivering our passionate message for our new cookery school concept. We were more than happy with the results and how it helped to promote our events. We look forward to working with them in the near future.” - Gian Bohan, Nonnas Founder


Made of steel - field cycles

What we provided: A short feature taking an in depth look at the company, from it's foundation, to their ethos and how they make their stunning frames.

Services provided: Cinematic video production and sound design (an original track was created for the video).

Project Highlights: The video was hugely successful, getting shared widely online, receiving over 10k views in it's first week and being featured on many prestigious cycling websites - excellent exposure for Field and an interesting insight into who they are.

What they say: "Walker creative were an absolute pleasure to work with - they were able to capture the daily goings on in our workshop and the way we approach our craft in an inventive and efficient way. We were made to feel comfortable in the unusual position in front of a camera. We are very happy with the end result. The film felt like it was a true reflection of us and our company" - Harry Harrison - Founder


British american experience - amazon campaigns

What we produced:

Student Prime: A video of their largest experiential marketing campaign to date. A nationwide student promotion for Amazon - taking place in 107 universities across the UK. We travelled across the country to capture the campaign in action and interviewed students about their opinions on the promotion. We also provided a suite of images to demonstrate the campaign in action at various universities across the UK.

Black Friday: A video of a huge experiential campaign being run for Amazon's Black Friday Deals Week. Shot nationwide over the course of a week, it captures and portrays the scale of the campaign and features vox pops with students giving their opinions on the event.

Services used: Cinematic video production, motion graphics, sound recording and photography.

Project highlights: Both projects had visual graphics added in post production to bring them to life, highlighting key stats and showing the scale of the campaigns and audience reached. 


What We Offer

Cinematic video Production

Video is fast becoming the number one marketing tool. Our beautifully shot video is optimised for web and is also available in stunning 4K.


Beautiful and mesmerising, this high quality production technique will take your film to the next level.


Sound is often described as the most important aspect of a film. All our productions are engineered beautifully to give your film depth and a cinematic feel.

Graphic Design

Need your stills producing into  compelling promotional content for web or print? Look no further, we have you covered.



A picture says a thousand words. Experienced in event, adventure and corporate photography, you can be sure we'll capture the moment as it should be.

Visual Effects

Impressive visual effects and animations make your video more professional. Great for conveying information in an attractive and engaging way.

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